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WES - World Education Assessment

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WES - World Education Assessment :

The WES evaluation converts educational credentials from any country in the world into their U.S. equivalents. It describes each certificate, diploma or degree that you have earned and states its academic equivalency in the United States.

As SLIIT Graduates use WES service to provide verifited degree certificate and transcripts to North America Universities, below given steps will assist you to how to get the WES verification done.

Step 1 : Refer for more information of the service

Step 2 : Get your documents in order before contacting SLIIT. Should you need more information please contact SLIIT on 011 754 3112

Step 3 : Submit all the necessary documents and proof of applicable SLIIT fees.

From SLIIT's end

  • If you are requesting a copy of original transcript the cost is Rs. 1250/-, along with an the courier charges 3500/- (You may check with UPS Courier service for more information). SLIIT Verification fee for WES is 8250/-, which would amount to a total of 12,850/-.  (This is subjected to change as per the current market price)  Kindly note during the lockdown period/ curfew period preparation of hard copies of the same, would be subjected to the opening up of travel restrictions.
  • Should you wish to send an e-copy, please send us the relevant e-mail address and contact person’s details. WES already has a digital partnership with SLIIT. Then the courier charges are not applicable. Please note that it is preferable to send your document electronically due to the pandemic.
  • The completed payment slip, your WES academic record form and your other necessary personal details (including SLIIT registration number, contact numbers etc) all are to be emailed to
  • Refer for payment methods. For payment, if you do not have any relations in Sri Lanka please contact Ms. Buddini (Manager/Finance) for further payment clarifications. TP: 0117543200 /