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Sports at SLIIT (Frequently Asked Questions)

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  1. What are the sports that are available at SLIIT?
  2. Archery (Men/Women)
  3. Badminton (Men/Women)
  4. Basketball (Men/Women)
  5. Carrom (Men/Women)
  6. Chess (Men/Women)
  7. Cricket (Men)
  8. Futsal (Men)
  9. Hockey (Men/Women)
  10. Karate (Men/Women)
  11. Netball (Women)
  12. Rugby (Men)
  13. Soccer (Men)
  14. Swimming (Men/Women)
  15. Table Tennis (Men/Women)
  16. Tennis (Men/Women)
  17. Track & Field (Men/Women)
  18. Volleyball (Men)
  19. Taekwondo(Men/Women) (start instantly)
  20. Powerlifting (men/Women) (start instantly)

To know more about sports activities available, go to :


Courseweb Support Services Tab >> Physical Education & Sports


  1. I'm interested in joining a sport. How do I find more about them?

There are 17 active sports at SLIIT. The contact details of the captains and vice-captains are displayed on the notice board on the 1st floor of the main academic building (Near the entrance to the student services office). However, if you are unable to contact captains or vice-captains or have more general questions please reach out to the Physical Education & Sports unit at

Use this link to register:

  1. I am interested in joining a sport, but I haven't played the sport. Can I still join?

Yes! All students can participate in sports. However, the team will hold try-outs to decide the members to represent the institute at the competitive level.

  1. Do I have to join a team to participate in a sport?

No, you can use the sports facilities at your free time from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. These facilities are closed on Sunday and other SLIIT holidays.

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