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Semester Registration

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What is a semester?

At SLIIT a semester refers to half a term of an Academic Year. The duration of a semester is usually 15 – 16 weeks

Example 1st Academic Year  =  Year 1 semester 1 + Year 1 Semester 2

What is a Regular Semester Registration

Regular registration is the admission granted to a student who has completed the requirements stated by the institute, a faculty and or a specific study programme to proceed to the next academic year/semester. These may include one or more of the following; 

  • Possession of minimum academic standing required to be registered for the respective semester
  • Having settled all pending payments of the previous semesters
  • Having met the minimum GPA requirement specified by the Faculty and or securing a pass the Interview conducted by the Faculty
  • Not within an academic or disciplinary action based punishment period that suspends registration