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Membership - The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka ( IESL )

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Membership - The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka ( IESL )

 Incorporated in 1968 by the Parliament Act No.17, IESL is the largest engineers’ organization in Sri Lanka with over 20,000 members. We are actively engaged in providing engineering perspectives on issues of national significance to the government and the general public.

SLIIT Graduates and undergraduates SLIIT MUST submit their university verification documents to SLIIT, ten (10) working days before the Date of Closing Applications given by IESL, for SLIIT to review the applications and documents to confirm the application’s authenticity with IESL.

Late applications submitted to SLIIT will NOT be entertained.

Example : 

Name of the Examination 
Examination Session
Date of Calling Applications
Date of Closing Applications
Examination Month
Examination Results
IESL Entry Qualifying Examination
November 2021
17 March 2021
31 July 2021

EX001: (Engineering Mathematics) - 25 November 2021

EX002: (Science for Engineering ) - 30 November 2021

February 2022 
19TH JULY 2021

Please refer the below important links

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Entry requirements:⟪=en

Becoming a member:⟪=en

Online application to join IESL :⟪=en

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs at IESL :⟪=en